Open Task Management

Issue management in viscenario

Viscenario gives you one system for dealing with issues, deviations, HSE reporting, job safety analysis, inspections, checklists, options, maintenance documentation and Issue management on your iPhone, tablet and web.


Save 1 hour per defect
Live overview of status on all deviations and issues, available on tablets and the web.

Full overview
Employees and subcontractors receive push notifications and see their defects on their phone.

Does the defect have a consequence for finances, progress or quality, or against the maintenance documentations, laws and regulations, description, drawings, plans or orders? Full issue management and reporting!


Registration of defect on your smartphone

By registering defects in Viscenario from your smartphone, tablet or browser, you get all the defects in Viscenario. You can take pictures and describe the issues from your smartphone. In Viscenario on your tablet and smartphone, you can also mark on drawing to explain where the defect is, while also taking a picture of what needs to be fixed. A subcontractor or employee will receive a push notification on their smartphone and possibly notify by email when new deviations are registered.


Live overview on tablets and the web

The project management has an overview of all the issues/deviations they have registered and been notified of even in status view on the tablet, where they can easily see the status of all the defects. There are also separate reports for all defects of the project on the tablet, which can easily view open defects on a building or apartment. Here you can easily see which people and responsible people have not corrected the issue. In the web on the PC one can easily retrieve reports of defects per supplier or department, or defects that have a financial consequence. All the recorded data can be searched in the browser version of Viscenario.


Defect management – which defects have an economic impact?

It is also possible for everyone in the project to mark defects, which is believed to have a consequence for the project. Then the project management will be notified of this and can address whether this defect has a consequence for finances, progress or quality, or whether the defect applies to the municipality system, laws and regulations, description, drawings, plans or orders. Who was responsible for the work where the issue occurred is also important to record, as well as the costs that it entails? It is easy to retrieve reports on all nonconformities that have cost the company money, or defects you have had the builder cover.


Standardize documentation of deviations using checklists

By adding a checklist to a defect, you ensure that you standardize how to document the defects. At each checkpoint in the checklist you can leave a comment with a picture or create a follow-up task / defect. Once the checklist is completed and you are done documenting the defect, Viscenario merges all of this into a PDF document and automatically saves it in the document folders of the project or building. You save everything after work by merging images, text and discrepancies into a summary. In addition, all the discrepancies / tasks that you have created in connection with the checklist are already pushed out to the person(s) who will correct them. Live overview of all tasks and defects can be found in Viscenario. Our customers post their own checklists and customize them as they wish.
You can easily pick checkpoints from multiple checklists for different jobs. It is also possible to combine dot markings on drawings by filling out a checklist.


Learn from one project to the next

The advantage of using Viscenario for defect management is that you can easily learn from project to the next. For example, you can easily get an overview of, for example, the number of defects that have had a financial consequence in Project A, compared to Project B, exported to Excel. Number of defects compared to drawings, maintenance documentation, progress, etc.


You save minimum 1 hour in administration fees per defect.

Our customers save a minimum of 1 hour of administration by using Viscenario for defect management.