Construction Companies

Most construction companies have a large scope of routines, checklists, documents, inspections, safety rounds, issues / defects and follow-ups of subcontractors. Often there is no overall overview. Without control, thousands of dollars will disappear from the bottom line every single year.

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Property Developer

Viscenario - gives you full control over all tasks and documents in your projects. There are many documents and tasks to keep in mind in connection with market analysis, concept development, planning and construction work, and not least during construction and warranty period / operation / rental.

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Building Owners

Viscenario is tailor made to streamline and improve the management of operations in Residential, Office buildings, along with hotels or other buildings that are subject to active operation. In Viscenario, you manage the follow-up of operational tasks and communication between owner, tenant and staff.

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Maintenance Companies

Viscenario Service App is the tool that brings the person who "does the job" into the information flow. By letting a tenant report incidents or issues directly in Viscenario, the person who is going out and repairing gets the task on their phone, along with their regular maintenance tasks.

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