Collect Maintenance Documentation

Collect the maintenance documentation in Viscenario

Viscenario offers sub-contractors and contractor to upload the maintenance documentation directly into Viscenario. The Construction company or Contractor will approve or reject the documentation.


Sub-contractors upload and send maintenance documentation for approval

The subcontractors and employees of the contractor have access to project documents and drawings in Viscenario in the projects. They also get defects/issues pushed out in the Viscenario app. Once they have submitted the maintenance documentation for approval, the document controller or maintenance advisor will either approve or reject the maintenance documentation. Approved maintenance documentation is then available in the portal for the buyer and for the board of the condominium / building owner for common area.


Maintenance documentation are available on the tablet and internet

In Viscenario, the customer receives their maintenance documentation either via the Viscenario app for tablets or via the web portal. If you have many properties in Viscenario, it is easy to find maintenance documentation on the various properties. It is easy to search for and find the maintenance documentation. The janitor has access to maintenance documentation on the Common Area.

Viscenario Portal for client - Maintenance documentation


Compliance with service agreements

By setting up regular tasks on when the various services are to be performed and what is to be checked, you ensure that they are performed in accordance with the service agreement entered into.