Pre-inspection with clients

Pre-inspections on smartphone or tablet

Using Viscenario to document building and apartment on pre-inspection will save you all the office time you would have spent after each inspections, and you will easily get an overview of the defects you find on the pre-inspection.


All information available
Drawings, maintenance documents, orders and overview of reported issues are live on the tablet.

Saves 1 hour of work
Viscenario merges signature, images, text, deviation and drawing into a protocol.

See live overview of open deviations
Live overview of all open issues and defects are available on tablets. Requires no preparation before the actual pre-inspection.


Access to all information about the project on the tablet

When you use Viscenario for inspections, you have all the drawings, maintenance documents, options, orders and changes in Viscenario on your tablet. In addition, you have a live overview of all defects/ issues on the building and the apartment. This information means you have everything with you and is accessible at all times.

Viscenario - Pre-inspection with clients
Viscenario - Pre-inspection with clients - New adhoc task

The protocol of the inspections is automatically stored and mailed

By using Viscenario on tablets, you get the drawings of the building or apartment, where you can mark the places where the defects have been detected. You then delegate the task (s) to correct the defects to the right professional from the tablet. When you are done with this, you and the client or client can sign on the tablet. Viscenario then merges all information such as logo, project, building / apartment, drawing number, defects with comments and pictures, as well as signatures from those present.


See live status on the deviations of prior inspection

It´s easy to see what has not been done since the last time you went on inspection. Then you do not have to register the same error again. If the task you last registered is already done, it will not be displayed.


Learn from project to project

The advantage of using Viscenario for inspections is that you can learn from project to project. For example, you can easily get an overview of how many deviations were found on all the pre inspections on Project A, compared to the number of deviations from the pre inspections on Project B. Most people know that it is cheaper to find the issue (s) before Hand Over, so by focusing on finding the defects/issues earlier, there will be major savings in the warranty period.