Viscenario Service App is the tool that brings the person “doing the job” into the loop of information. By making documentation available on tablets and smartphones, it is finally possible to have it at hand when needed. And by letting tenants and office people reporting issues directly to the Cloud, the handy people no longer need to spend half their day on the phone or in a car driving out to see what really happened.

“Reach that extra high level of customer satisfaction – by letting your customer do a larger chunk of the job.”
Husøk med Viscenario1990

Viscenario Service App saves you that first trip to the site to see for yourself what´s up. In addition you can save 70% of incoming phone calls. How about getting enough information and time to get the job done for once?

Your customers log issues and provide location and photos on ViscenarioGo. You ring the information you need, and can bring what you need to fix the issue. You both save time and frustration.

You get an updated log on what has been done and what is still pending. What a way to plan you day!

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