Viscenario is tailored specifically for professional contractors and project managers who want to provide that extra high level of customer satisfaction in the hand over of a building. -At the same time as they save time in administrating as-built information.

“Go digital – Hand over that professional set of as-built documentation – in a way your client instantly can use”

Masse Permer FØR Viscenario 1910

As-built information is handed over to the owner in a structure that is directly useful in the next stage of the process; facility management

Viscenario adds a communication tool, specially tailored for the use of the building, on top of the documentation itself. This makes the documentation useful in operations.

Viscenario administration tool lets the contractor and sub-contractor load up the documentation themselves. The  party with first hand knowledge about the documents, tags what kind of document it is, (i.e. drawing, installation manual etc) and witch discipline the document covers. This lowers the risk of error in structure at the same time as it makes the administration more efficient.

The project manager, or person responsible for hand-over, approves the sub-contractors uploaded documentation and the documents are instantly ready for use in the facility management tool.

No more need for carrying stacks of paper, for storage where it can not be reached when needed.
No more need for a PC for opening the right CD to search for documentation
No more need for consultants and big Facility Management system to administrate hand over documentation

  • Web-interface for sub-contractors to upload as-built documentation
  • Web-interface for project management to approve / disapprove the deliverables from the sub-contractor
  • Tablet and web interface for searching for and viewing documentation i the facility management phase