360°-degree view with Viscenario, full control of Projects and Aftermarket

Viscenario – The entrepreneurs best friend

Today most entrepreneurs have a wide scope of procedures, checklists, drawings, documents, safety inspections, deviations and follow-ups of subcontractors. Often there is little or no overview. Without control, hundreds of thousands of Euro sneak quietly away from the bottom line every year.

We offer a solution that gives your business the opportunity to get rid of pen and paper, as well as costs of unnecessary time spent with duplication in the project. The solution is as effective as it is simple and user-friendly – and information security is safely taken care of! That’s why we call ourselves “The entrepreneur’s best friend.”

Viscenario is scaled just as easily to the smallest firms as to the larger ones. The solution grows with your business. The standard solution can be tailored using modules with the functionality you need!

Some examples of use:

All project-participants including employees, builders, subcontractors and buyers of apartments have access to the information they need based on their role.

Project phase

  • Handling Options
  • Task management including deviations
  • Inspections
  • Safety inspections
  • Report on unexpected incidents
  • Job Safety Analysis
  • Drawing Management (also supports IFC)
  • Document Management
  • Automatic store the PDF report based on a job you have done using a checklist with pictures on your phone.
  • With two button clicks you get full control over status on your projects.

Collect and Hand Over of Maintenance and Operational Documents

  • Subcontractors upload and send Maintenance and Operational Documentation for Approval.
  • Document Controller Approves or Rejects the documents.
  • Setup of signed service agreements


  • Buyer receives their Maintenance and Operational Documentation of the apartment or building in either web or tablet.
  • Buyer can report deviations on their apartment or building in Viscenario
  • Buyer gets regular maintenance tasks
  • The customer care has complete control of what is done in the project phase and can easily reject or find answers to complaints.
  • Pre-inspections, one-year inspections performed with Viscenario on tablet. The report is signed by the buyer and the construction company.
  • The boards of condominium gets Maintenance and Operational Documentation on common areas and fixed service agreements in Viscenario.
  • The janitor can access their regular weekly assignments and Maintenance and Operational documentation on their tablet of phone.

By using Viscenario projects are saving:

  • 3-4 months in handling all the Optional work per project
  • 1 hour per inspection in pre-and post-production
  • 1 hour per report on unexpected incidents
  • 1 hour per job safety analysis
  • 2 hours per safety inspections
  • 30-300 hours per collecting Maintenance and Operational Documentation
  • 1 hour of administration per janitor per day