• We create efficiency into the field of building information and communication. -By making it available to everyone – everywhere.
  • We focus on you – the user of information and the communicator
    The technology is pure production.
  • Viscenario is disruptive software that triggers change in the property market
  • We build visual scenarios enabling user-friendly decision making in all aspect of a building’s life cycle.
  • Viscenario is the mobile solution for both planned and ad-hoc maintenance
  • The input data is the information that once was used to build the building. We simply serve what is available to the users on mobile devices. The owner gets a web based dashboard to administrate users, documents and buildings.
  • Information is served out to the users of the building – on the device they have at hand anyway – their smartphone or tablet.
  • You should buy Viscenario for your building today to get:
  • Easy handling tenant complaint managment that can be signed off without big change in budget or IT department.
  • Get the planned maintenance communicated to the people out there
  • Live status reports
  • A tool worth trying – to improve the flow of information to facility management staff without big change in budget or IT department
  • Make use of your BIM. We read it in openBIM-format, so that your people can move in virtual reality when searching for information or tasks to be done.
  • How many trips are done to sites every day? – only to check out what the reported issue is about – before the actual process of fixing can begin.
  • How many hours each day do your maintenance people spend searching for information, -or how many times do they guess wrong, leaving the building to be fixed in a non satisfying way?
  • Viscenario enables easy user-friendly decision making in all aspects of a buildings life cycle!Screen shot 2013-12-04 at 11.38.07 AMhistory-img

The Viscenario value

We make building information and communication transparent and efficient

We create value by sharing information from the design and building phase with FM and public use of the building.

VISCENARIO makes life easy. Users get the right information on the device they always have at hand.

Your building is available on tablets and smartphones, ensuring mobility.

" We have found a way for users of buildings to collaborate with the ones that keeps the building in a good shape! "