Decades in the building- and Construction Industry – paired with strong IT knowledge and innovative heads has lead to Viscenario. We have experienced the need, seen the possabilities and made the solution.

Our core focus is on you – the user of information and the communicator.
Technology is pure production.

We have set out to solve the most critical factors first –and to do this properly!

We know how buildings work, and have perfected the features that saves the biggest chunk of time and improves decision making best. There are many other things we could have made, but Viscenario is not a “nice to have tool for special occasions”. Viscenario is the first choice tool for the daily tasks.

Viscenario knows that buildings are not maintained on an office desk. Therefore Viscenario has never been a PC software, but always a tool for mobility first.

We know that changing a pump takes time. Viscenario reduces the time spent driving, calling, searching for information and reporting – “the fuzz”